4. Add Performance Testing to the Pipeline

Add Performance Testing to the Pipeline

Open the Amazon CodePipeline Console

  • Click on the CodePipeline we created
  • Click on edit
  • Post the Approval Stage, Click on Add Stage
  • Call the Stage Testing and click on Add Stage
  • Click on “Add action group”
  • Call the Stage Perfomrnace Testing and select BlazeMeter as the provider
  • Click on Connect to BlazeMeter and ypou may be required to login
  • Within the dialog box that opens, scroll down and click Switch to API test.
  • In the text box, enter the service URL obtained earlier from the CloudFormation stack outputs.
  • Click on Save
  • Save the Pipeline and release it


  • Navigate to the BlazeMeter website: https://a.blazemeter.com/app.
  • In the menu at the top of the page, click Performance.
  • Click Tests, and then click My http test with CodePipeline.
  • Click the Configuration tab.
  • Within the Load Configuration section, change Duration (min) to 2 minutes, this is to ensure the performance test completes within two minutes for the purposes of the workshop. For actual performance tests, you will likely use a longer duration. This change is automatically saved.

Please ensure that you reduce the duration otherwise the Pipelien will take a longer time to execute

  • Within the Load Distribution section, select US East (Virginia) – Amazon Web Services as the location. This change is automatically saved.
  • Back within the CodePipeline console, within the pipeline used for this workshop, click Release change. This will cause the pipeline to be executed, and for the performance test to be run.
  • Within the BlazeMeter website (https://a.blazemeter.com/app), you can view the test results. You can access the test results from the Reports tab within the Performance section, or from the History tab of the test.