Launching the Cloud9 IDE

Today you’ll be working in the AWS Cloud9 IDE.

We’ve pre-created two workspaces for you and we’ve also installed all of the tools that you are going you need for todays labs.

Let’s get started by launching the AWS Cloud9 console: AWS Cloud9 Console

Find the workspace named EKSLabIDE and click Open IDE:


When you open the EKSLabIDE workspace, you’ll be presented with a welcome screen that looks something like this:


On the left pane (Blue), any files downloaded to your environment will appear here in the file tree. In the middle (Red) pane, any documents you open will show up here. Test this out by double clicking on in the left pane and edit the file by adding some arbitrary text. Then save it by clicking File and Save. Keyboard shortcuts will work as well. On the bottom, you will see a bash shell (Yellow). For the remainder of the lab, use this shell to enter all commands. You can also customize your Cloud9 environment by changing themes, moving panes around, etc. (if you like the dark theme, you can select it by clicking the gear icon in the upper right then “Themes”, and choosing the dark theme).