Creating/Preparing a Cluster for Deployment with Fargate

AWS Fargate with Amazon EKS is currently only available in the following Regions: us-east-1, us-east-2, ap-northeast-1, eu-west-1. Pods running on Fargate are supported on EKS clusters beginning with Kubernetes version 1.14 and platform version eks.5.

Create an EKS cluster supporting Fargate

export AWS_REGION=ap-southeast-2
eksctl create cluster --name=EKS-fargate --alb-ingress-access --region=${AWS_REGION} --fargate

Launching EKS and all the dependencies will take approximately 15 minutes

This command will provision a serverless EKS cluster as well as create a default Fargate profile that maps all the pods in the kube-system and default namespaces to Fargate. If you are working with an existing EKS cluster that contains managed worker nodes, the pods that belong in the kube-system and default namespaces will have been already deployed on those worker nodes. Hence, there is no need to change that setup. Just be aware that if you had created a serverless cluster from scratch using the above command, then you would have had all those pods deployed under Fargate.