What you’ll do with Labs:

These labs are designed to be completed in sequence, and the full set of instructions are documented below. Read and follow along to complete the labs. Our lab instructor will give you a high-level overview of the labs and help answer any questions. Don’t worry if you get stuck, we provide hints along the way.

Architecture Patterns

Initially you with perform Data Ingestion


Then Data Transformations


Then Explore this DataLake using SQL and Visualization tool


Finally apply Machine Learning


Before you start with the hands-on tasks of this workshop, please check if you are able to access AWS Console with complete access, please use following pages:


Time Module Delivery
15 mins Welcome and Introductions
30 minutes Overview of the Data Lake Presentation
45 mins Hydrating the Data Lake Presentation
45 mins Batch Data Ingestion with DMS Lab
45 mins Working Within the Data Lake with Glue Presentation
60 mins Transforming data with Glue Lab
30 mins Query and Visualize the Data Lake with Athena and QuickSight Presentation
45 mins Exploring DataLake With Athena and QuickSight Lab
45 mins Consuming the Data Lake Presentation
30 mins Consuming Data Lake for Machine Learning Lab